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AARP Driver Safety Quick LearningsSM

Whether you’ll be behind the wheel or just enjoying the ride, be prepared for the road ahead with AARP Driver Safety’s free educational resources on vehicles, driving and alternative transportation.

Learn how a telematics app can capture multiple data points such as speed or braking to analyze your driving habits and offer tips to help you improve your driving.

Featured Videos

Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)

Discover how Diverging Diamond Interchanges can improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of crash.

Checking Your Vehicle for Safety Recalls

Learn how to check for safety recalls and get free repairs to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road.

Sharing the Road Safely with Cyclists: Bike Boxes

Learn how Bike Boxes can help both drivers and cyclists share the road safely.

The free AARP SafeTrip app gives you valuable insights into how you drive, shows you how you stack up to other users and rewards your successes.

Featured Resources

AARP Smart Driver Classroom Course

Find a course near you. You may be eligible for an insurance discount. AARP Members save over 20%! 

AARP Smart DriverTEK Workshop

Take our free workshop! Discover how vehicle safety technology can keep you safer on the road.

AARP Auto Buying Program

Search for vehicles that best fit your needs, while learning about the latest vehicle and safety features.

Vehicle Technology Videos

Electric Vehicles

Learn about the benefits of Fully-Electric and Hybrid vehicles and if one is right for you.

Autonomous Vehicles

Find out more about how these self-driving vehicles work and may be used in the near future.


Find out how this app can analyze your driving habits and give you tips to improve behind the wheel.

Smart Headlights

Learn how these smart headlight features can help you see better when driving at night.

Assistive Parking Systems

Watch how they may help you assess a parking space and may even enable your vehicle to park on its own.

Blind Spot Warning Systems

See how they may warn you about a vehicle in your blind spot when you are trying to change lanes.

Crash Mitigation Systems

Learn how these sensors can detect and warn you of the risk of a collision with an object ahead of you.

Emergency Response Systems

Discover how to get assistance more quickly in the case of a crash with the help of these systems.

Drowsy Driver Alerts

Find out how these alerts can warn you when it may be time to take a break from driving.

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Watch how these systems monitor lane position and alert you if you are drifting outside the lane.

Reverse Monitoring Systems

Discover how these systems can help you back up safely.

Stability Control

Discover how this system works in the background to help prevent skids while you are driving.

Voice Activated Systems

Learn how to control some functions on your vehicle with voice commands.

Mobility Videos

Road Safety: Diverging Diamond Interchange

Discover how Diverging Diamond Interchanges can improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of crash.

Road Safety: Understanding Bike Boxes

Learn how bike boxes can help both you and cyclists to share the road safely.

Road Safety: Navigating a Roundabout

Learn about the different signs and lane markings in a roundabout so you can navigate one safely.

Vehicle Safety & Comfort: Safety Recalls

Learn how to check for safety recalls and get free repairs to keep your vehicle safe.

Vehicle Safety: Extended Car Warranty Scams

Learn tips to identify and avoid scams when purchasing an extended car warranty.

Vehicle Safety & Comfort: Airbags

Discover how airbags combined with a safe fit in your vehicle can keep you safer in the event of a crash.

Vehicle Safety & Comfort: Head Restraints

Learn how properly adjusting your head restraint can help prevent neck injuries in the event of a crash.

Vehicle Safety & Comfort: Mirrors Adjustment

Find out how properly adjusting your mirrors can give you optimal visibility when driving.

Vehicle Safety & Comfort: Seat Belts

Find out how to wear your seat belt for the safest fit to lower your risk of injury.

App-Based Ride Services

Learn how easy it can be to find a ride for yourself or a loved one when you can't drive with these apps.

Online Workshops

CarFit On-Demand

Find out how to get the best fit in your vehicle and sit safely behind the wheel.

Smart DriverTEK℠
On-Demand Workshop

Discover how advanced vehicle technology can help keep you safer on the road.

Using App-Based Ridesharing On-Demand Workshop

Learn how to download and use a ridesharing app for times when you don't want to drive yourself.

We Need to Talk
On-Demand Seminar

Learn how to have important conversations about driving and assess the driving skills of your loved one.

Driving the 50+: Tips for Service Drivers (On-Demand)

Volunteer & Rideshare Drivers, learn tips to help you give the best ride experience possible to 50+ riders.

Take the Smart Driver Online CourseSM

Become a safer, more confident driver. You could also save on auto insurance!

AARP Driver Safety Quick LearningsSM

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